Forever Young Kit Oily


Forever Young Kit for Oily Skin


Purifying Toner-Plus

The “purifying Toner-Plus” is a gentle formation designed for patients for sun-damged skin or oily skin. It removes impurities and tighten the skin. The Toner should be used after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed.

Active Ingredients: Witch hazel, aloe vera gel, glycolic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid, dl panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, vitamin A palmitate.

Restore A - Plus

Restore A is a strong vitamin A formulation that is generally used at night. Vitamin A makes you more sensitive to sunlight and regular sunscreen is recommended. You may use any of the other products in conjunction with Restore A - Plus; simply wait about 10 minutes before you apply the Restore A- plus and make it the last thing you put on your face before going to bed.

Active Ingredients: Tretinoin 0.1 %, SD alcohol 40-2, propylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate hydroxypropylcellulose.

Daily Moisturizer with sun protection

This is a specially formulated moisturizer is well tolerated and does not cause acne. It has just the right combination of physical and chemical sunscreens and can be applied several times a day. It was specifically developed for patients with sensitive skin and works great in combination with the other products.

Active Ingredients: Octyl methoxycinnamate, octyl salicylate, benzophone 3, titanium dioxide, glycerol stearate, polysorbate 60, sodium EDTA Retinyl palmitate, arnica extract, green tea extract, St. John’s wort extract, methylparaben, propylparaben.

Vital Cleanser

A unique blend of Glycolic and salicylic acid for any skin type. This cleanser will dissolve the expired surface skin cells while removing makeup as well.

Active Ingredients: Sodium laureth sulfate, glycolic acid, aloe vera gel, salicylic acid, allantoin, Cocamoniumcarbamoylchloride, quarteernium- 75, Polyquarternium- 10, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Stearate, citric acid, FD & C blue # 1, fragrance.


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