Co2 Laser Resurfacing


Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

What is it?

Laser resurfacing – also known as CO2 laser resurfacing – and dermabrasion are some of the latest techniques for facial rejuvenation, by removing damaged upper layers of the skin. This stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin to replace those damaged or scarred areas.

What happens?

An initial consultation will assess the areas you would like to improve and what other treatments may be recommended to achieve your desired result. Some surgeons may pre-treat the skin or change your skin care regimen.

Most laser and dermabrasion treatments are performed in an outpatient setting unless other procedures are carried out at the same time.

You'll be given a local anesthetic, gentle sedation or numbing medication, depending on your needs, to numb the skin. In a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, a precise beam of laser light is used to vaporize away the damaged layers of skin. In a dermabrasion treatment, a high speed rotating sanding wheel or brush is used to peel away the skin. You may be recommended a tailored skincare plan to maximize results and protect the resurfaced skin.

Although you will be able to go home straight after surgery, you will need to organize a ride home and help around the house for a day or two post-surgery is recommended. Ointments or bandage dressings will be applied to keep the skin moist for five to seven days while the skin heals. While patients should expect redness and tenderness for several weeks, it is important that you contact the clinic with any concerns or difficulties.

You will notice a significant improvement in skin quality and appearance. Improvement will usually continue for six to twelve months. The results may last for many years if you follow your doctor's recommendations on sun protection.

Is laser resurfacing or dermabrasion right for me?

Laser resurfacing or dermabrasion may help you if your complexion is affected by sun damage, aging, wrinkles, acne scarring, or other types of scars. Moderate and more severe scars may require a combination of resurfacing and scar revision techniques, while very loose skin may achieve the best results in conjunction with a facelift.

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