Fat Transfer


Fat Transfer

What is it?

Fat transfers, or fat injections, involve removing fat from one part of the body and injecting it into another part of the same individual to provide possible natural-looking results. The fat injections can be used as a wrinkle treatment or to enhance areas such as the lips, cheeks and backs of hands.

What happens?

The area from where the fat is taken will be given a local anesthetic, and the fat harvested using small syringes. It is then prepared to be injected right away into the area to be treated. Excess fat can be kept and frozen for future fat transfer procedures; Forever Young has a licensed and State-approved tissue bank where your fat can safely be stored.

Patients do usually feel some discomfort during the harvesting and a slight stinging during the fat injection. There may be some swelling and bruising at the site afterwards but any pain can be controlled with oral medication. Individual results may very, you should discuss your specific case with your physician.

How long will it last?

Most patients do need to come in for additional treatments from time to time, but the results may last for several years.

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