Laser Eyelid Surgery


Laser Eyelid Surgery

What is it?

Laser eyelid surgery, or laser blepharoplasty, is a popular new and improved way to turn back the clock on those baggy upper eyelids and sagging eyes that many people notice as they age. Advancements in laser technology mean you can eliminate these signs of aging without the bruising and swelling that follows traditional eyelid surgery.

What happens?

The laser blepharoplasty normally takes place on an outpatient basis at your physician's surgery. You will be given a combination of local anesthesia and sedative, and a laser beam is used to make a tiny incision. Unwanted fat, skin, and tissue are removed through this incision, which is closed with sutures when the procedure is complete. The procedure will typically take between one and three hours depending on the extent of the work to be done.

What are the benefits of this surgery?

Laser eyelid surgery offers many improvements on traditional methods, which while effective, caused significant bruising, swelling and pain in the post-operative period. The carbon dioxide laser reduce these side effects by sealing the blood vessels as it cuts, as well as reduces scarring. Patient recovery time is also considerably shorter with laser treatment.

Is it safe?

All surgical procedures have risk. Our goal is for the shape of the eye not to change. Your eyes are also completely covered with a metal plate during your laser eyelid surgery, so there is reduced risk of damaging the eye. Individual results may vary, consult your doctor to make sure you are a good candidate.

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